The Meaning of Giving?

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The time of year is upon us where lots of folks are trying to outdo each other by spending more than anyone else on gifts. Well, of course we have an online gift and craft store so you won’t get an argument from us about spending money. However, after doing a little research, I realized there is a lot more involved than just commerce.

If you’ve been reading our blogs, you’ll know that I like to dig back into history so that readers can get a good idea of the things and subjects I cover. As Christmas approaches, I think it’s interesting and not too far-fetched to tie our craft and gift store to a festival where gifts were exchanged way back in Roman times.

Decorating Trees

The name of the event was Saturnalia. What is equally interesting is the fact that it began on December 17 which is close to our Christmas. During that festival, there was a lot of feasting, generosity towards people who were disadvantaged, decorating trees and exchanging gifts. Sound familiar?

By the way, if you’re looking for something that’s unique and one-of-a-kind for that special someone, we have several items that make a good impression. Our Basic Spirit, Braided Beads Bracelet is just one of the items that can make a big difference during the Holidays.

I guess it’s plain to see that gift giving goes quite a way back. Once I established that kind of historical timeline for our craft and gift store, I became interested in the psychology of it all and did some research. Here are a few interesting things that I found out.

Don’t Give Cash

Don’t give people just money. According to the noted publication Psychology Today, giving people just cash tells them that you couldn’t be bothered to think about giving them something that requires some thought. This seems like as good a place as any to jump in with another suggestion. The Vintage Trichem Runner we have in our store makes a perfect decoration and/or gift and tells people you care.

Here’s another interesting thought that should help direct you when purchasing a gift for someone special. Bear in mind that psychology experts say that an experience is more memorable than an object when it comes to the right gift. That means a weekend getaway will make a bigger impression than something you grab off a store shelf unless of course it’s something unique from our online craft and gift store.













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