An Interesting History of Jewellery

Seaglass Seaside Pendant

A brief and interesting history of Jewellery

When we see someone wearing a bracelet or pendant, we generally take it for granted that jewellery is part of the way we express and adorn ourselves. In fact, the bobbles we wear to make us feel good and attract the attention of others are so commonplace we might even think jewellery has always been an important part of the human experience.

You wouldn’t be far wrong if that’s the way you think about the bracelets, rings, pendants and earrings you see all around. In fact, when you start looking at the history of pendants specifically, you’ll see how far back the timeline actually stretches.

For example, The Ancient Egyptians always revered cats in their culture so there are examples of pendants made in the feline shape that go that far back in time. Man’s best friend was not to be outdone and there are many examples of dog pendants in our collective history—one on display in The Schmuck Museum of Jewellery in Germany dates all the way back to 1560 and is adorned with asymmetrical shaped pearls.

It would be nice to think the hand drawn and hand painted shell and ceramic bisque jewellery offered here at The Craft Corner might last and be passed down through the ages too. However, I’m more than content to know that my customers enjoy wearing my one of a kind jewellery as much as I enjoy crafting it for them.


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