All About Dear Old Santa

Santa Claus

One of the things I like most about Christmas is the fact that there is lots of history behind it. What really warms my heart when I think about December 25 is dear old Santa Claus. When I put those two things together, I came up with some interesting facts you might not have known about the Jolly Old Elf.

Perhaps my merry mood started while I was working on the Christmas Joy Picture – Trichem Vintage pictures on my site. Once I started to do a little research, I was surprised to find out that the history of our beloved Santa Claus starts all the way back in the third century.

It’s believed that we can trace his roots all the way back to an ancient version of the place now called Turkey. In fact, legend has it that a monk gave away all his wealth and traveled around the countryside helping the poor. That monk later morphed into our Santa Claus.

Sinter Klaas is one of the early names that the modern Santa Claus had. However the legend got started, it made its way across the ocean to America in the 1800s and has morphed into the jolly red faced man we know today.

A Poem

In 1822, a minister wrote a poem for his daughters referencing Saint Nicholas. It’s in the spirit of giving away thoughtful gifts to people you care about that I’ve taken the time to tweak my website in advance of the Christmas season.

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Unique Crafts and Gifts

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No mention of Santa Claus is complete without mentioning his reindeer. Here’s an interesting fact. Rudolph, the most famous of all Santa’s reindeer, was actually created 100 years after his contemporaries.

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