Here are Some Great Reasons to Buy Canadian Crafts

New Beaver Painting Kit - Buy Canadian Crafts

When you buy Canadian crafts from our Craft Store, you’re not only getting a hand painted piece of original jewelry like the Escargot Oyster Shell pendant that makes a fabulous one of a kind statement, you’re also doing your part to support our Canadian community and economy.


Aside from the obvious patriotism, did you know that when you select the Canadian product over the foreign brand you’re also doing your part to help the environment? Look at it this way. When you purchase the Canadian T Shirt and Pillowcase Painting Kits from my online store, the non toxic water based paints and designs are made right here, but there’s more to it than that.

Products that are made within our borders don’t need to travel as far to get to the end destination and that means the process leaves less of a carbon footprint as far as shipping goes. Remember that every dollar we spend in Canada has the added benefit of a ripple effect as well. The more we spend on products that are made right here, the more jobs will be created. The more successful Canadian businesses are, the more they can give back to their communities to strengthen all points in the cycle.

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