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Craft Accessories

Craft Accessories: It’s always our pleasure to give you something interesting to read while you’re looking through the craft accessories on my website. Around this time of year with the holidays fast approaching, we suggest gifts such as kids craft kits as well as some of the interesting things from our new Trichem collection.

If you’ve read any of my blogs or visited the website, you should be aware that art is my passion. Whenever I can, I try and find out all about the latest trends in crafting. It’s always interesting to me to find out what creative people are doing.

Craft Accessories

Of course putting together all the craft accessories you see at The Craft Corner takes a lot of time, but I still squeeze in a few moments when I can to visit the to catch up.

One of the things that people who love the arts will tell you is it doesn’t matter what the person’s politics are who is creating it. Here is a good case in point. After the revolution in Cuba back in the 50s, political rivals on the right and left went to their far corners.

American Movie Posters

At least that’s the way it seems until you start unearthing some outstanding and excellent American movie posters that were made in Cuba at that time.

The story has it that people who lived in rural Cuba were so interested in American movies, they even carried them up hillsides to watch in the secret of shacks hidden away from prying government eyes. The love affair with Hollywood couldn’t be stopped and the interest in that island nation even put together some posters openly advertising their love for American film.

Global Treasure

Here’s another interesting tidbit that I found on the that applies to a kind of music that everyone loves. Reggae has just been declared a global treasure for the whole world to enjoy.

Art is about making people feel good. That’s what I attempt to do here at The Craft Corner with some of my latest products like Silhouette Scenes – Trichem Vintage pictures that are imprinted on the finest material.

Variety of Craft Accessories

If you’re looking for a variety of unique craft accessories, we certainly have them here. Why not take a few minutes to look through the variety that we’ve been able to put together? There’s something for everyone here at The Craft Corner.  With Christmas fast approaching, you can even get free shipping on orders of $79 in Canada and the United States.






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