Why Kids Need their Own Style

Kids need their own style

Why Kids Need their Own Style: I read an article recently from a mother who wrote about her five-year-old son who was being much more particular about the kind of clothes he wore. It got me thinking about children’s creativity and why they need their own sense of style.

We all agree that even the most laid-back parents can become too controlling. It’s a natural instinct to protect your young, but mom and dad need to start letting their children grow to find their own style and creativity.

Here are a few things I discovered about why kids need style.

Allowing your children to have an input in the outfits you buy for them helps to stimulate their creativity. After you’ve helped them pick out a new outfit, you can fire up more of their imagination. Our Style Me Up Sketch books are fun and “stylish”. Kids can sketch or stencil fashions such as any particular outfit that takes their fancy.

There are also hats or scarves to knit and other fun kids craft kits.

Online Shopping for Outfits

As far as letting them pick out their own outfits, it might be easier and safer to do a little online shopping with your son or daughter. If you’ve decided that going out is a better idea, it’s easier, especially in these “unprecedented times”, to pick one store instead of going into several.

Mom and dad will need to implement some guidelines. Sure, you want to help them develop a sense of style. However, you’ll need to help them understand what’s practical versus what’s fun. Here’s a quick way to get that ball rolling.

Going through your child’s school dress code helps them to understand what’s good for home might not be acceptable in public.

Here’s a final suggestion about how you can help your children pick out their own clothes. It’s great to foster their creativity but teaching them the basics is a good idea. For example, it’s good to walk them through simple rules like similar colours go together. Here’s another example. Why not let them choose the T-shirts that reflect their interests. Little boys might like dinosaurs and jet airplanes.

We haven’t forgotten little girls. Some research says little girls like reds, blues and whites. There is another advantage to choosing those colours. These particular shades translate well from one girl to another within a family.  In other words, if you’re looking for clothes with that potential, these shades work.


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