Kids Craft Kits and Diamond Painting Puzzles

Kids Craft Kits and Diamond Painting Kits

Kids Craft Kits and Diamond Painting Puzzles are always popular but even more so during these “unprecedented” times.

Jigsaw Puzzles and Diamond Painting Puzzles

Spend some quality time with your kids. You and the kids will enjoy doing a Jigsaw puzzle together or a Diamond Puzzle.  We have something for everyone in our kids craft kits section. Our new JaCaRou Jigsaw Puzzles and JaCaRou Diamond Puzzles from the talented Quebec Artist, Anie Maltais are quite unique and colourful. They are very different and eye-catching designs.

These puzzles are relaxing for both adults and children to do. Frame these beautiful puzzles when complete. They are also a fun way to develop children’s creativity. Puzzles of all kinds build up a variety of basic skills in your child.

Physical Dexterity

Puzzles help with physical dexterity. Children need to hold the pieces and turn them around until they fit in properly. Puzzles also help children with cognitive skills as they learn to solve problems which they face while doing a particular puzzle. They learn patience while doing the puzzle which stands them in good stead later on. Your son or daughter will certainly feel rewarded when they complete the puzzle they are doing alone or with your assistance.

Different Puzzles

There are a variety of different puzzles one can do. The themes and topics covered can be fairly diverse including shapes, numbers and colours. That’s how these games help to develop visual and spatial awareness in your children.

They are also an excellent way to help your children achieve goals. Both younger kids and toddlers need to form certain strategies to approach these games. Getting through a puzzle helps a child to establish solutions and reasoning abilities they will use as they grow up.

Jigsaw Puzzles For You and Your Kids 

There is a pretty impressive list of the things a jigsaw puzzle can do to help with your child’s development. Learning to concentrate, persist and the sense of a job well done are just a few of the important benefits. Best of all, they are made for both parents and children to work on together. These are easily framed without using any glue. That way, you’ll be able to keep and remember your combined efforts.

Kids Craft Kits and Fun Games

These fun games are very important to your child’s growth. For example, they assist with hand-eye coordination, helping children learn the relationship between what their hands are doing and what their eyes see.

Puzzles with bigger pieces help them to develop fine motor skills as well. They also help with smaller precise movements as children move pieces into place.

We have a variety of other made in Canada products and kits. As mentioned above, Puzzles are a great way to spend some quality time with your family and help your children flourish too.

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