Kids Colouring Books – Is Colouring the New Meditation for Adults

Kids Colouring Books

Kids Colouring Books and Kids Craft Kits: We all know that colouring is a favourite children’s activity. That’s why we carry kids colouring books. However, not everybody realises it’s good for adults too. Research tells us it does some important things for the mature brain. Read on to find out why grabbing your favourite Crayola colours and staying between the lines can be good for the grown-up you.

Is Colouring The New Meditation?

Claims are being made by researchers that colouring can be a new way to meditate. Here are some of the facts so you can make up your mind. Meditation helps the brain to enter a relaxed state by allowing it to block out all of the non-stop thinking we do daily. To cut a long story short, meditating helps your brain reach a state of calm.

Research backs up these claims. That’s why there appears to be no shame in parents sharing their kids colouring books. It’s a fun way to interact and you might actually be lowering your stress level at the same time.

Here are some more thoughts about how filling in something like a geometric design or clown’s face can be good for everyone. Some studies point to the fact that art therapy helps to decrease symptoms of emotional and physical distress. There is also evidence mounting that this type of therapy, which includes colouring, can help people to cope with depression, addictions and trauma as well as anxiety.

Besides, who could argue against giving man’s best friend a colourful makeover with our “Delightful Dogs” colouring book.

Give Your Mind a Workout With Kids Colouring Books

There is more evidence that colouring does your mind good. Not only does it spark brain activity, it also activates the parts that are responsible for logic and creativity. To get a little technical for a second, colouring fires up both sides of your brain’s cerebral cortex. That’s an important control system that promotes co-ordination and motor skills.

But never mind all that … the main thing is … it’s fun.

Here is another thought that you might find interesting. There’s evidence that says colouring can actually replace any negative thoughts you’re having. In other words, pairing colours together in creative patterns replaces bad thoughts with positive ones.

All in all, this is a good reason to consider getting a couple of colouring books. They will help to keep you focused on something enjoyable during these “unprecedented” times. It will also provide a good opportunity to spend quality time with your children.

Another way to relax and engage with your kids, is for mom and/or dad to do a jigsaw puzzle with them. Our JaCaRou diamond painting puzzle designs and  jigsaw puzzle designs are beautiful and can be framed and displayed in a kids room or in the livingroom.




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