What your Jewellery says about your Personality

Berries and Branches Pendant

The handmade jewellery we have here at The Craft Corner is all made with one person in mind. There’s nothing mass produced here and you will find each and every piece we sell is as unique as the person wearing it.  The reason is simple. We understand that an online craft store like ours has an important part to play in making sure you get the accessories you need to stand out from the crowd and make an impression.

Anyone who wears any kind of jewellery wants to be sure they are making a statement and that’s why we’ve put together a quick overview of how what you wear reflects your personality.

For example, did you know you are giving off a social air when you put on those large hoop earrings for a night out on the town? Fun loving women also like dangling necklaces and big rings guests at the party will notice right away.

Ever wondered what it all means when you choose to wear something like the Seaglass Seaside Pendant we offer that comes complete with fine lead free pewter? Well, the experts say by putting something like that around your neck or even some manner of recycled material, you’re showing the down to earth side of your nature. From what they wear, you can assume these folks love to be outside and prefer to wear earthy tones since they are attuned with the earth around them.

Finally there are those among us who love the look and feel of a pearl necklace and earrings. As you might have imagined, these folks love the traditional things in life, are generally calm and poised and place a high regard on family.


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