Valentine’s Day Traditions from Across the Globe

Valentine Traditions

Valentine Traditions: Of course, it’s almost Valentine’s Day here in North America. Everywhere you look, there are chocolates and teddy bears for sale as special gifts for your significant other. However, not everybody across our planet looks at this holiday in the same way.

That’s why we put together some Valentine’s Day traditions from across the globe.


No one should be surprised that we started to look at different traditions in the most romantic country in the world. In fact, it’s common knowledge that the very first Valentine’s Day originated in this country.  In fact, common folklore even has it that the Valentine’s Day card originated in France.

The Duke of Orleans was imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1415. He did the only thing that you could imagine that could spur his legacy and Valentine’s Day history — he sent love letters to his wife in France.  The love letters eventually became the cards we know today and made their way across the ocean to North America.


The Chinese don’t have an exact copy of our version of Valentine’s Day either. Still, there are some amazing similarities like the fact the Chinese Qixi (Seventh Night Festival) is all about longing for the person you love.

This version is all about a King’s heavenly daughter and a poor cow herder who crossed paths. Eventually they are separated and the Chinese king allows them to only meet once a year on this festival.

During Qixi, Chinese women are known to prepare melons as offerings to young unattached men. It’s their way of trying to find a good husband on the Chinese version of Valentine’s Day.

The Philippines

People in the Philippines celebrate Valentine’s Day much the same way as we do here in the West. However, there is one noticeable difference in that February 14 is a mass wedding day in that tiny country. These mass wedding ceremonies are held in malls and some folks even renew their vows on Valentine’s Day.


As you might have already suspected, a romantic meal is the favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Italy. Some of the other traditions from that country include young unmarried women waking up early on February 14. They believed that the first man they saw would be there husband within a year on that special day.

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