Mother’s Day Around the World

As you might imagine, Mother’s Day honours mothers and is celebrated around the world. Here in North America, it’s usually on the second Sunday in May. If you’re interested in the history of this holiday for Mom, it’s fascinating to note that American President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation for it in 1914. Mother’s Day has been a tradition across the globe ever since.

However, the history of Mother’s Day goes farther back than you might have imagined. In fact, our modern version has its roots in a festival called Cybele. There’s even a Roman festival in the history books and if you go back far enough a Christian Mothering Sunday.


France celebrates this holiday on the last Sunday in May. Like a lot of other Mother’s Day celebrations, the version in this European country has a great history. In fact, it was first celebrated under Napoleon as an incentive to reward mothers who had large families.

During the First World War, the tradition was carried on and mothers who had up to five children were actually given medals. The modern version of what’s called Fete des Meres was revised in 1950. Since then, French children give their mothers handwritten poems and do special chores for them on Mother’s Day.

India and Mother’s Day 

Because India is a culturally diverse nation, there are several different versions of Mother’s Day there. For example, one religion in that country celebrates a particular goddess called Durga. This celebration takes place in October and highlights the triumph of good over evil. During the 10-day festival of what’s called the celebration of the Divine Mother, Hindus give gifts to each other.


Sometimes, Mother’s Day coincides with a natural event and that’s the case in this African country. In fact, there’s a three-day festival at the end of the rainy season that’s dedicated to mothers. Family members in Ethiopia love to celebrate with a large feast.

Daughters usually bring certain kinds of foods like vegetables and cheese. The sons are responsible for bringing the meat which can often include lamb or bull.


Other countries are like Canada in that they place a special emphasis on flowers on Mother’s Day. The whole holiday is symbolized by carnations in Japan. These flowers are symbolic of the Japanese image of mothers as strong and gentle at the same time.

Japanese children draw pictures of their mothers and enter competitions. They take over the chores and pamper their mothers on this special day. A family meal is part of the tradition which usually includes eggs and sushi.

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