Creative Valentine Ideas That Don’t Cost A Bundle

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Valentine’s Day is almost here  and we think it’s always much better to plan with your heart rather than your wallet. That said, we’ve come up with a few creative  ideas that don’t cost a bundle.

Remember, almost anybody can spend a big wad of cash on some expensive jewelry and a night out at a fancy restaurant. Our ideas take a little more planning and thought. They are more about the essence of the holiday itself.

A Trip to The Museum

Classy says it all on this special day and what better place to go than the local museum to spend some quality time with the person you love? If you live in a big city that has a lot of attractions at the local museum, you might want to find a lower key smaller museum for your special Valentine’s Day.

Remember, jostling around with hordes of tourists isn’t the most romantic way of telling your special other what you think of them!

Plan A Quiet Night at Home

There’s nothing more romantic on Valentine’s Day than an intimate setting and some quiet conversation with the person closest to you. That’s why our number two suggestion is the one that will more than likely go the farthest to drawing you two together more. It’s another excellent one of our Valentine ideas that doesn’t cost a bundle.

A quiet night at home might be just the thing. If you can ship the children away for 24 hours, you and your spouse can rekindle those old flames. There’s no need to spend a whole bunch of money on hotels and plane tickets. A little domestic wine and some cheese plus a few candles around the living room setting should do the trick.

Recreate A Past Date

If you’re like most couples, you’ve got one event or date that lingers in your memory as that special moment you knew how much the other person meant. Maybe it was an old Drive In movie or your very first dinner together at the corner diner. Whatever that special moment was, a great idea is to try to re-create it to spark your relationship.

Expand Your Common Interests

Finally, taking a class together is an excellent way of cementing your relationship even further. What better day to do that than on Valentine’s Day?

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