Tips for Embellishing our Hand-Painted Pillowcases

Owl-Picture Pillowcase

The hand-painted pillowcases we sell here at The Craft Corner are unique and elegant and the chances are that if you’re looking to buy one of these, you already understand the importance of making your own statement. That’s why we took a few minutes to put together some interesting ideas on the ways of embellishing one of these hand-painted functional works of art.

  • Adding lace trims can make all the difference when you’re looking to make a statement with your pillowcases. Remember you’ll want to have enough material and 1 1/3 yards can do two pillowcases easily. You should also be looking for the kind of trim that is machine washable. If your sewing machine has a free arm, that’s perfect to add that extra touch.
  • Plan on travelling with your pillows? Then why not add a strap to the top for easy carrying and even a pocket at the front to hold items?

There’s no limit to the embellishments that you can add to our exciting line of excellent hand-painted pillowcases. We, at The Craft Corner, would love to hear about the additions you’ve made.

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