Understanding Your Child’s Creativity

Butterfly Ladybug T-Shirt

We all want to know if we’re raising the next Picasso and if our daughter or son might have all the creativity of Rembrandt or even Da Vinci. Of course one of the best ways to find out is to buy one of our Princess T-shirt kits and let your little ones start creating but there are some other factors that go into understanding your child’s creativity.

While your child will be happy to use one of our painting kits and of course that shows off how well the left side of their brain is working, there are some other factors that help to determine how creative they actually are. For example, what you might think of as “acting up” in the classroom or at home might actually be inspired thinking. Unpredictable children that have a keen sense of humour and have unusual responses to questions are often being creative and not necessarily disobedient.

Looking for ways to help your child foster this all important side? The experts suggest you back off a little from micromanaging their lives since children who are given choices in life tend to become better thinkers than children who have all their decisions made for them.

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