The History of Body Art

History of Body Art

History of Body Art: Of course, our online gift and craft store only sells the Body Art Painting Markers that are non toxic. These kids craft markers are safe and easily clean off with just soap and water.  We decided to take a look into the history of body art.

We hope you’re as surprised and delighted with what we found as we were!

For example, when we took a break from putting together our excellent craft kits, we ran into Ötzi the Iceman. It seems that he lived over 5,000 years ago somewhere between Austria and Italy. As far as science knows, he’s the oldest mummy on record with tattoos.

Body Art On Ankles

Ötzi has a black cross on the inside of his knee and other markings on his ankles and wrists.

The body art that we supply at our online gift and craft store is a little more modern. These markers are multicoloured and kids can use them to draw on their faces, legs and hands. Our version supplies six different colours to choose from.

Head Shaping

The next piece of body art that we came across isn’t included in our inventory for obvious reasons. Changing the shape of the human body generally and the cranium specifically dates back almost 9,000 years.

The Shanidar Cave in Iraq is the place where some of the oldest examples of deforming someone’s cranium were found. It seems that in ancient times people bound the heads of their children so their skulls would grow elongated out at the back.


If you can believe it, these were actually used to change a female’s waste size drastically. When we started reading about how corsets were designed to give a woman an hourglass shape, it made us glad that we live in modern society.

Women started wearing these way back in the 16th century. Unfortunately, they caused a wide range of health problems because they shrunk a woman’s waist by up to 16 inches. Young girls and older women fainted from wearing them. In some situations, there were other health problems because their organs like the liver and stomach were squeezed.

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