5 Ways to Put Wall Stencils to Good Use

Baboons Stencil

Do-it-yourself crafts like wall stencils are one of the cornerstones of everything we sell. For example, we are proud of the variety of stencils that we have at The Craft Corner. Our wall stencils are particularly attractive and useful in a variety of different situations. Here are five ways to put these crafts to good use.

Go for Some New Heights

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ll concentrate on the walls and other traditional areas for this kind of art. For example, our angel fish stencil looks great in a child’s room. Still, we like to tell everyone that you can go for some new heights at the same time. That means moving a stencil to the ceiling in a high-traffic area like an entranceway. These look great when they are used to show off special lighting fixtures or details that you want to highlight. Our Celtic Cross version makes a bold statement.

Simple Tiling Anyone?

Looking for a way to create a stunning backsplash without the messy grout work? Stencils that have geometric shapes are just the thing. You can use them right over the existing material. And best of all they look like you’ve done a lot of work.

Bring the Outside Inside

When you start looking at all the wall stencils we have to offer, you might get a little overwhelmed. That’s why we suggest deciding on a project first. For example, if you’re looking to liven up an inside space, we suggest an active or natural design. Looking to add a little fun? Have a look at our Baboons Border stencil.

Lighten Up Your Laundry Room

While we’re on the subject, these do-it-yourself crafts are a great way to liven up any room. If you’re due for something a little exotic, we have an outstanding Moroccan stencil. It might be just the thing to make folding your laundry a little less boring.

Customize A Corner

There’s really no end to the things that you can do with our wall stencils. Everyone has an alcove in their house that needs a little freshening up. You can use them anywhere you want to. They are great on tables and jewellery and even lampshades and greeting cards. This is one of our most popular do-it-yourself crafts. We love selling things that help foster your creativity. Why not browse our selection today?

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