What Your Jewellery Says About Your Personality

jewelry and personality

Jewelry and Personality: We carry a fine selection of jewellery that includes Freshwater Pearls Bracelets for babies. One of our priorities is to make sure that you and your baby get to express yourselves in a unique way. Also included is a variety of handcrafted jewellery that makes a personalized statement.

We have found over the years that our online gift and craft store is suited to individual tastes. In fact, people who buy our unique crafts are often aware they are making statements.

Here are some of the ways that the jewelry you select makes a statement about your personality.

Big Hoops?

If you enjoy big hoops and colorful rings with extra accessories, you are more than likely an outgoing person. People enjoy being around you because you are quite often the life of the party.

Take a few minutes to go over our inventory. You’ll see that we have some handcrafted jewelry that will help you make this kind of impression.

Earthy Elements

There is another type of personality that loves more earthy elements. You’re the kind of person who enjoys necklaces that are made with pewter and other natural elements. Many people with this type of personality enjoy the world around them. That’s why they gravitate towards bright colors and tones like forest green and ocean blue.

While you are browsing our website, why not check out the pewter gifts that we have to offer? These are handmade by Canadian artists. If you buy one of these, you’ll be making a statement about how proud you are of our artists and craftspeople in Canada.

If you’re a person who enjoys classic and elegant jewellery, you are more than likely the majority. People who enjoy elegant and simple pieces of jewelry that go with almost everything they wear have traditional values.

Elegant Jewellery

People around you will see that you have an understated and at the same time interesting personality when you wear this type of accessory. Wearing elegant jewellery makes you look poised and self-assured regardless of the situation.

Finally, modern slim pieces are the kind of jewellery for people with more quiet personality traits. Streamlined bracelets generally speak to someone who has a more relaxed lifestyle. In general, the thinner the piece, the more approachable the person. Why not try this quiz to see what suits you?

Our online gift and craft store can help you find the right piece of jewellery. Regardless of your personality we have something for everyone including pieces made from oyster shell, polymer clay and pewter. These hand-painted jewellery pieces are designed by Canadian artists.

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