Tell Mom She’s Special

Apple Pendant

Tell Mom She’s Special With A Unique Pendant For Mother’s Day

It doesn’t really matter where you’re from, what language your family speaks or what customs you practice, celebrating the anchor of your family on Mother’s Day is one of the best ways you can tell her how much you love and respect her. She’s one of a kind and has always been there for you regardless of what you needed in your journey through life and there’s at least one day of the year where you can show Mom how much you care in a special and unique way she won’t soon forget.

That means you need to find something that’s as one of a kind as she is when Mother’s Day comes around and, as you might have expected, we’d like to suggest a hand painted unique Pendant-Apple that we hope will remind your Mother of both the long awaited Spring and her family’s unwavering love on this special day. This colourful hand painted and hand drawn shell pendant has Cream Silk paints by Trichem lovingly blended together in a wonderful mixture of green, light blue and red. Outlined with silver and gold Spark-l-on paints, this Apple Shape pendant has been professionally sealed so it will act as a remembrance and Mother’s Day keepsake for years to come. The chain is included and this interesting and unique piece of hand crafted jewelry is two inches in diameter.

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