A One of a Kind Mother’s Day Gift

Appliqued Orange Flower

A Mother’s Day Cosmetic Bag That’s One Of A Kind

Here at The Craft Corner, we think everyone will agree as the need to buy a Mother’s Day gift starts to enter everyone’s thoughts that putting in a little special effort when looking for something for Mom is the right way to go about shopping for her. In fact, we think it’s a perfect idea that our pretty Orange Flowers cosmetic bag is something you should consider for several very good reasons.

1. This is the clutch purse that tells her how special you know she is because, like Mom, there’s only one. This bright and colourful clutch with orange flower appliqués surrounded by pearl Jewel Jem paint design is unique and one of a kind. No-one else will have one like it. That means you’ll have the pleasure of presenting your Mother with a thoughtful gift that tells her you appreciate everything she does all year long.

2. This clutch / cosmetic bag is tastefully constructed of a blue Indigo Dyed Denim material that speaks to an element of distinctive casual class. It’s the perfect accessory for Mom for either a day or evening out somewhere special and a lasting treasure she’ll have as a keepsake for years to come.

In fact, this cosmetic bag is so versatile and unique, you might even be excused for buying this one for your Mother, another one as unique for your sister and even treating yourself to one of these exceptional hand made gifts.

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