The Spiritual Benefits of Wearing Jewelry

Feeling good about the way you look is a critical ingredient to positive self-esteem and happiness and people have long known a new pendant or pair of earrings have spiritual benefits especially when you’re down in the dumps.

There are those who want to take the whole idea of the health benefits jewelry can have one step further and suggest that certain materials can actually have a physical effect on your body. Some say wearing magnetic pendants next to the skin can actually help heal joints and bones.

Other aficionados are convinced that wearing items made from copper allows the mineral to be absorbed directly into the blood. While we’re not here to judge why others prefer to wear the jewelry they do or even the medical benefits of doing so, it’s more our style to look at the apparent spiritual reasons why you should be wearing the bobbles we offer here at The Craft Corner.

First and foremost, the right piece makes you feel good about yourself and that feeling is amplified when the jewelry comes from someone significant in your life. Beyond that, there have even been studies that tell us shopping for that new pendant, necklace or set of earrings is actually a mood enhancer whether you are walking through the mall or shopping online.

So there’s the bottom line. Jewelry may or may not boost your health but it doesn’t really seem to matter when you consider it always makes you feel better when you buy and wear it.

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