The ABC’s of the Pets We Love

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Pets We Love: There’s really no doubting the fact that whether their name is Fido or Miss Kitty, we love our pets and are devoted to them like nothing else in our lives. Consider the fact that even that hallowed bastion of journalism, The Washington Post, put together an article trying to explain the reasons behind the fact that two-thirds of households in the U.S. have at least one pet.

If you’re ready for a healthy dose of ‘to each his own’, try on these different interpretations of the lovable pooches that were the inspiration for my Dog Lover Cosmetic Bag,  which is hand made from 100% cotton cream coloured canvas. This is a great addition to keep all of your makeup accessories in anywhere in the Western World where dogs are loved and revered, but perhaps not so much in some middle eastern countries and Asia where they are considered unclean vermin.

Regardless of the pet you decide to keep, you’re in good company because the practice goes back 12,000 years. In ancient Egypt, cats were worshiped and I’m left wondering what use women back then would have had for another one of my new products, aptly titled the Cats Meow Cosmetic Bag.

Still, some of the pets that people favored over the ages might seem a little strange to us now. For example,

  • Up until the 1800s, native Americans loved their dogs. However, they were also wild about other animals we might think twice about today and even kept bison and wolves as pets. They even managed to tame raccoons.
  • The Japanese have always had their own versions of style and culture that of course spilled over into the pets they kept. Large Rhinoceros and Stag beetles were taking off in that part of the world around the same time North Americans were becoming fond of designer dogs.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what kind of pet you favour; the important thing is you learn to treat them like the wonderful companions they are.SaveSaveSave

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