Gnomes, Hidden Brooms and Other Global Christmas Traditions

Christmas Curvy Pendant

Gnomes and Hidden Brooms etc.: If there’s one thing we’ve learned as the globe becomes one big family, it’s that we’re all more alike than different and nowhere is that more apparent than in the fact Christmas is celebrated all across our planet. Once I started looking into where a lot of our traditions came from, I wasn’t surprised to find out many of our customs originated somewhere else.

I hope you enjoy these examples:

  • The next time you’re enjoying a piece of fruitcake you should know this about where it came from. This tasty morsel was more than just a treat for ancient Egyptians since they considered it an essential meal in the afterlife.
  • We all know Santa Claus has a busy passport for one day of the year, but I found out he might have a whole trunk full since he has so many different names around the world. In Italy, it’s  La Befana that brings the children their presents and Babouschka is the name that Russian children get excited about.  Christkind delivers gifts like our Curvy Pendant in Germany and this attractive pendant that’s crafted with fine lead free pewter won’t take up much room at all in the sleigh.
  • Because I run a small business,  I have a soft spot for the next little bit of information. It seems that Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer was actually invented  by a Montgomery Ward writer way back in the 1930s  as a marketing ploy. I’m afraid my budget is a lot smaller but I can offer my holiday discount coupon code that’s written in the same colour ink as Rudolph’s red nose.

Finally, I thought you might like to know that the tinsel that means so much to our Christmas memories was actually invented in Germany way back in 1610. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.





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