Craft Kits and Guitar Picks – It’s Cold Outside, Stay Indoors and Shop Online

Guitar Picks and Craft Kits for Winter

Craft Kits and Guitar Picks: Although there have been quite a few temperature dips recently where the thermometer goes up and back down again, overall it’s wintertime in Canada so I thought I’d make a case why it’s better to shop online for craft kits and other items than brave the unpredictable elements. The Craft Corner has a promotion on right now for boxing month. Sure, that really has nothing to do with frostbite or dressing properly for the Canadian weather, but I wanted to provide an incentive for you to make the decision to stay indoors where it’s nice and warm. If you need a reason beyond that, how about the fact that each year most adults catch three colds and one in five of you will get the flu? Going outside when it’s cold and miserable makes you more susceptible.

Unfortunately, frostbite is as Canadian as Maple Syrup, curling and hockey. If you plan on going outside you should dress in layers and always make sure as much skin as possible is covered by hats, gloves and warm clothing. If you’re looking for something to while away the time indoors why not choose a craft kit and either paint a pillowcase or t-shirt, make some glitter bangles or knit a scarf, hat or something else?

Here’s another one of those unfortunate things about winter in Canada that might make you want to stay indoors and shop online. Did you know that even though the snow is beautiful to look at it can also increase one’s chances of a heart attack while shovelling?

Waiting out the cold weather inside your comfortable home also has other advantages. Why not spend your time with your family or friends chatting or listening to music while painting, knitting or doing some other craft you enjoy. If you are musically inclined, The Craft Corner has an excellent selection of unique guitar picks for you to choose from. These are all made by Basic Spirit from fine lead free pewter.             SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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