Smart Craft Ideas for a Safe and Healthy Christmas Holiday

Smart Craft Ideas

There is no doubt this Christmas season is going to be unlike any other. We have been preparing and stocking up on everything from kids craft kits to stencils, sketch books, pictures to paint, transfers, dream catcher kits and jewellery, pillowcase painting kits and cosmetic bags.

We all know that Christmas is one of the best times of the year to celebrate with friends and family. At the same time, the pandemic is making this year’s season a little less jolly in some ways. However, that’s no reason you can’t take advantage of these smart craft ideas during a COVID-19 Christmas.

Yuletide Movie Night 

This is a great way to spend time with your immediate family in a nostalgic way. You’ll be on the right side of all the safety protocols in your area when you curl up around your favorite meeting spot to watch classics like Home Alone. Don’t forget to include oldies but goodies like Miracle on 34th St.

Kids Craft Kits

We’ve got all kinds of craft kits to keep you and your kids busy. How about a JaCaRou jigsaw puzzle such as our Amsterdam design jigsaw puzzle or another beautifully designed jigsaw puzzle for the whole family to enjoy. The girls may prefer a diamond painting puzzle or crossbody bag diamond puzzle. The entire range of jigsaw puzzles are colourful, unique and something the whole family can enjoy during the Christmas Season. Grandma and/or Grandpa if at home alone or in a retirement home can have hours of fun with one of the brightly coloured JaCaRou jigsaw puzzles. Other popular kits are our Dream Catcher Kits. Another idea is a Sketch Book Kit which comes with detailed stencils, stickers and sketching pages. If your kids like to paint, we have pillowcase painting kits which are fun to paint and useful too. We also have t-shirt painting kits which are currently on sale.

Bake One Of A Kind Cookies

Here’s another family activity that can be shared during these “unprecedented” times of lockdown, isolation, quarantine, etc. The whole family will get into the baking mood and the children will sharpen their creative skills when everyone jumps into baking Christmas cookies.

Here’s an idea if you get stuck. Reindeer cookies are made even more adorable when you add a Red Smarty on as the nose. Another idea is putting together a whole batch of star-shaped shortbread cookies complete with frosting.

Take Some Family Pictures

Planning a family holiday shoot is a great reason to get everyone dressed up and looking their best. A customized photo for a Christmas card that you can share with loved ones as an attachment to an email will help to bring everyone closer together.

Some of the ideas to help you spend time together during a COVID-19 Christmas are more traditional than others. The time honored tradition of writing letters to Santa Claus will help everyone pull together. It’s a great time to pull out some of the other longtime favorite activities for children like colouring.

A Few Easy Ideas to Keep You and the Kids Occupied

  • Do you have knitting needles and wool lying around in a closet? Take them out and start knitting a scarf to give as a gift to someone special or knit one for yourself. If you are a beginner or haven’t knitted in awhile, no problem. Here is a tutorial I found on how to knit a scarf – YouTube
  • Kids can put their favourite photo or a picture they have painted into a frame. First paint or decorate the frame with gemstone stickers. This makes a special gift to send to grandma and grandpa for the holidays.
  • Take a piece of blank paper. Use a stencil to paint a picture or cut out a pretty picture from an old magazine and glue it to the blank sheet of paper. Frame it. Stick some bling stickers on the frame and you have a perfect gift to send to a friend.
  • A small or medium sized square, round or rectangular framed mirror can be decorated with bling gemstone stickers and given as a gift.
  • Take a pretty paper doily with a cut out design and place it on a piece of fabric. Paint the cut out design on a plain t-shirt (remember to place a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt to prevent paint seeping through to the back of the shirt), table runner, middle of a plain tablecloth or napkins. Use fabric paint and a brush to fill in the doily design. Let the paint dry and remove the paper doily carefully. Remember to heatset the fabric paint (see instructions on your paint tube or bottle). If there are no instructions, use YouTube or Google. You will love what you see. You can use the paper doily as a stencil on any surface not only on fabric. Use paint which is appropriate to paint the particular surface.
  • If you have some stencils and paints handy, the kids can stencil a design on a plain t-shirt, a picture, a wall, a cork coaster, etc.. The possibilities are endless. Use appropriate paint.

Want to buy a family member or a special friend a small gift to lift their spirits during these “unprecedented” times? Take a look at our charm bowls, keyrings, wish boxes with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, pet tags, etc.. Our Native Crafts also make a different gift. See our earrings and pendants designed by well-known Native Artists? We have a variety of pretty jewellery which make perfect gifts for your loved ones.

If you want different and unique craft kits for kids, take a look at our website.

Stay safe and pull together during the Christmas season!




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