Famous Landscape Painters

Famous Landscape Painters

Famous Landscape Painters: We try to ensure that our online craft and gift store provides a nod to the artists who provide us with a variety of creative craft projects ranging from our kids crafts kits to our Trichem vintage pictures.

We pride ourselves on appreciating the unique and talented people that create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. That’s why we took a little time to do some research and find out what the most famous landscape paintings were and who was responsible therefor.

Fourth Century

Landscape painting was established in the East in the fourth century. Here in the West it only became an independent genre after the Renaissance. The Dutch Golden Age was one of the first periods that produced landscape masterpieces. Jacob van Ruisdael is considered by many people to be one of the most important artists of the Dutch Golden Age when it comes to landscape painting.

His masterpiece is called View of Haarlem with Bleaching Fields, and it was painted in 1675.


As you might have already imagined, the Americans weren’t to be outdone. Thomas Cole was considered one of the founders of a movement that came to be known as The Hudson River School. Cole lived from February 1801 until February 11, 1848.

Our Online Craft and Gift Store Hobbies

If you look at the landscapes that were painted by these talented artists, you can’t help but be inspired. We at The Craft Corner also like to think that you will be moved by some of the Vintage Trichem Pictures we offer. In particular, the Silhouette Scenes Vintage Trichem pictures that we have displayed on the website were bought from an estate sale and will make unique gifts for someone to paint, collect or frame as is. You personally may want to collect these special vintage pictures as a hobby.


The Craft Corner is an online craft and gift store that specializes in offering Canadian kids craft kits and handcrafted as well as hand-painted items that are unique. A big part of our unique charm is in the motivation behind each product on our website. Everything we sell is inspired by art and beauty.

That’s what led us to putting together a blog about famous landscape painters.

It’s more than likely no surprise to anyone that Vincent van Gogh occupies the top spot as the most talented landscape painter of all time. Like a lot of other great artists, he suffered from mental instability his whole life before finally shooting himself in the chest.

One of the little known facts about Van Gogh is he created over 2000 pieces of artwork in just over 10 years.


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