The History Behind Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers: We like to include a variety of different things in our kids’ craft kits but all are unique and have a story behind them. For example, the dream catcher kits that we carry are made of the highest quality material and make a wonderful Christmas present or everyday ornament.

A little research has shown me that there’s a wonderful history behind these dream catchers. I thought I’d share it with you because these dream catcher kits are terrific and have a great story behind them.

So here goes!!

Although these come in a variety of different shapes and sizes today, the original idea started with American Indians. The traditional view was that the whole idea behind them started with Native Americans in general; however, recent research has found the origins are with the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe specifically. The native word that’s used to describe these ornaments is isasabikeshiinh or spider.

While many people think of spiders as something to be avoided, this particular tribe embraces them as a source of comfort. Not only that, the spiritual protector of the entire tribe was thought to be a spider woman who protected babies, children and kids with her maternal ways.

As the tribe began to spread out over North America, legend has it that this particular spider woman found it harder and harder to protect the people who had spread themselves out. The legend also has it that this is why the first dream catcher was created. It was put together as a way for mothers and grandmothers to protect their children because the spider woman couldn’t be there in person.

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As far as dream catchers go, sometimes these were called sacred hoops which were put in place to protect sleeping children from nightmares and bad dreams. According to legend, these were hung above a child’s bed where the morning sun could reflect off them so they could catch the dreams in the web in the middle. Good dreams slid down the feathers at the side to supply comfort to the sleeping child below. Bad dreams were burned away after being caught in the dream catcher when the sun rose.



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