Great Reasons To Celebrate Dad On Father’s Day

Fathers Day

Father’s Day in Canada falls on June 20 this year.

With that special day coming up, we’ve done some research and put together a list on great reasons to celebrate him. Your dad usually supplies good advice. Fathers are the ones who can shell out the no-nonsense stuff. They are also a comforting influence and a soft shoulder to lean on whether you’re having struggles at home or at work. Most dads love good adventures. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a partner to ride on a roller coaster or someone to watch a scary movie with, your father is there for you. He is also the member of the household who is an expert at napping. These are the pros who understand how to take a nap at almost anywhere at any time. Take one with your dad this Father’s Day. Here’s a more serious reason why you should spend some time with your father on June 20. Psychological studies say that children who are involved with this parent from birth grow up emotionally secure. Toddlers and infants learn how to regulate their behavior and feelings from them. There is also evidence that says children who have lots of this male influence grow up to have excellent verbal skills and educational results. Now back to some more fun reasons why you should make a fuss over dad on June 20th. Your dad is usually a DIY specialist. It doesn’t matter whether there is a broken shower rail, a picture that needs to be hanged, or a broken door or window, he is there to fix the issue. If you’re looking for a new prom dress or a little help buying your first home, both your parents including your father are there for you.

Did you know the following facts about Father’s Day?

There wasn’t a holiday celebrating your father until 1972 during President Ronald Reagan’s administration. Mother’s Day was recognized back in 1914 and another American president, Woodrow Wilson, called it a tribute to women. The very first celebration of your dad was way back in West Virginia on July 5, 1908. Unfortunately it marked a mining accident that killed hundreds of men. At that time, it wasn’t promoted and didn’t become a national event. Father’s Day is different around the world. For example in Thailand it is celebrated on December 5 which is a former King’s birthday.

Gifts for Father’s Day

Dads usually say they don’t want a gift as they don’t “need” anything. However, when their precious kids get them a little something, they are usually delighted with whatever they get. It’s the thought that counts!

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