A Quick History of Jewellery and Smart Tips For Wearing What You Own

Quick History of Jewellery

A Quick History of Jewellery: Take a look at your jewellery. Items like those earrings and pendants that you’ve collected over the years. Then consider the necklaces and bracelets you have that speak to your personal style and unique vision. Everything that you own has a history. In fact, jewellery has been around since somewhere between 3000 and 400 BC.

In that time, your fellow human beings wore jewellery as talismans and amulets to ward off evil. For the Greeks, their pendants reflected prosperity. In Saudi Arabia necklaces were used to show your wealth and nobility.

Even rings from The Crusades had to be worn a certain way.

As mentioned above, this is just a quick history of jewellery and is certainly not comprehensive.

So it’s no wonder there are a few tips that have been passed down for wearing the jewellery you own today. 

  • Bracelets have been around for hundreds of years. Choosing the right size is important. A bracelet that’s too tight will actually make your wrist look bloated. If it’s too loose, it can become a nuisance while you are working. Adjustable bracelets are a good solution. Tighten them so two fingers fit under easily. We also have some cute baby bracelets.
  • Earrings were first introduced 7000 years ago in Asia. Egyptians wore them to show off their wealth. At the same time in ancient Rome, only slaves had them. Prostitutes wore earrings in ancient Greece. In today’s world, you should think about matching up the right earrings with the shape of your face. Take a good look by standing in front of the mirror and pulling your hair back. Here’s a general rule. If you have a diamond-shaped face with wide cheekbones, a longer earring balances everything out.
  • Necklaces have been around since prehistoric times. Some of the earliest necklaces were made up of stones and natural shells and found in ancient gravesites. With a history like that, you can imagine there are a few things to consider when choosing one of these. Like the fact that you should pick one complementing the neckline of your shirt or sweater. For example, a shorter pendant works great with a V-neck.

For DIY jewellery ideas, see our blog. Take a look at the craft accessories we have in our Craft Store.

Finally, we can’t forget our pets. Pet Jewellery has been around for a long time too. However, this part of the story has a little twist. It seems that prehistoric humans made jewellery out of animal bones. Items like a polished pendant made from the finger bone of a bear have been discovered.

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