A Few Fun Crafting Ideas – How to Keep the Kids Occupied

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Some Fun Crafting Ideas to Keep the Kids Occupied

Stencilling and Painting a Picture:

What kids require to stencil and paint a picture:

  • an animal, flower or any other Stencil;
  • a piece of plain drawing paper;
  • a pencil and sharpener;
  • a Vinyl cloth to cover the table to protect it from water spillage or paint is advisable.
  • make sure there is a clean smooth piece of cardboard under the paper;
  • place the stencil on the paper;
  • kids can outline the stencil design with a pencil and then paint it; or
  • dip their brushes into the water based paint and fill in the design on the stencil.
    • (Note: Especially when painting on fabric, if the paintbrush is very wet when dipped into the paint, the paint may seep under the stencil. If you are using one paintbrush, the brush should be as dry as possible (after cleaning) before dipping it into the next colour of paint. If possible the best way to avoid seepage is to use separate paint brushes for each colour.
    • TIP: Don’t forget to wipe the water based paint off the stencil with soap and water and pat dry with a paper towel or cloth when finished painting so it is ready for the next project.
  • Your kids will love the Style Me Up Kits we have in our Craft Store.

Stencilling and Painting a T Shirt:

All kids need to stencil and paint a t shirt are:

  • a pre-washed (if new) plain white T Shirt (pre-wash as sizing doesn’t allow paint to penetrate properly). (An old plain t shirt in good condition is fine);
  • stencil;
  • craft masking tape;
  • a t-shirt board or piece of cardboard which fits inside the shirt without stretching the fabric. This prevents the paint going through to the back of the shirt;
  • a sheet of 400 grit sandpaper. Insert this on top of the piece of cardboard and it will keep the fabric in place;
  • a painting pot which prevents spillage or a glass of water;
  • fabric paints;
  • paint brush/es,
  • a piece of wax paper (pour a little paint onto the wax paper (or into a pallette) to make it easier to dip the paint brush into while painting;
  • a piece of paper towel to wipe excess paint off the brush..
    • Use green craft masking tape (also used when painting walls – hardware store), when stencilling on a t shirt. Place the stencil in position. Take four small pieces of the craft masking tape and put them on the corners of the stencil so that it stays in place on the t shirt. The tape used shouldn’t be very sticky or it will ruin the fabric. When the t shirt has been painted, let the paint dry, Carefully remove the stencil and tape.
    • Do not remove the stencil until the paint is dry enough or the design may smudge; also, do not leave the tape on the fabric overnight or it may leave a residue on the t shirt.
      • See my previous blog on painting t shirts.
  • If you have a plain light coloured fabric apron or a small tablecloth, fabric placemats, etc. kids or you can do the same as above using any stencil you/they like and which fits on the project.

TIP: As mentioned above, it is preferable to use separate paint brushes for different colour paints. However, if using one paint brush, be sure to wash it properly and see that it is dry before dipping it into another colour paint; If the brush is too wet the water based fabric paint may smudge or seep under the stencil and spoil your stencil design.

Buy a t-shirt kit or pillowcase painting kit if you prefer.

Drawing and Sketching:

Kids of all ages love to draw and sketch.

Kids need the following for drawing and sketching:

  • a pencil,
  • pencil sharpener;
  • a piece of paper;
  • be sure to put something smooth and hard (cardboard) under the paper. Also you may wish to use a vinyl table cloth in case of spillage;
  • give your kids a book with simple designs in it (if you have one handy) or search on Google for FREE easy designs to print out so that he/she can copy or get ideas of what to draw.
  • paints or crayons. Your kid may want to paint or colour in his/her drawings afterwards;
  • If easier, buy a sketch book which comes with stencils, sketch ideas and instructions.
    • Whichever you choose, he/she will be kept busy for a few hours so that you can get on with whatever you have to do or so that you can perhaps take a bit of time for yourself to relax and watch a movie or read, etc..

Jigsaw Puzzles:

Do you have a jigsaw puzzle you haven’t had the time to sit down and enjoy. Maybe it’s been in a closet for months or years. How about spending some quality time with the little kids or older kids. Jigsaw puzzles are fun for every age group. There are also lots of seniors who love to sit and do jigsaw puzzles. When finished, they can be framed and hung up on a wall in a bedroom, lounge or wherever you deem appropriate.

What is nice about doing a jigsaw puzzle is the fact that you can listen to the radio, TV or relaxing music of your choice at the same time. You can even chat on the phone with a loved one or friend while continuing to do your jigsaw puzzle.

Also, one can do a half an hour inbetween work, zoom calls, chores, etc. and at the same time, spend quality time with the kids.

What you need:

  • a puzzle of your choice;
  • a spare table big enough to accommodate the puzzle or perhaps a big tray so that you can move the puzzle if you need to.
  • a comfortable chair;
  • chair should be at the right height;
  • good lighting.

Take a look at our Diamond Painting Puzzles, described below, as well.

DIY Diamond Painting Puzzles – Crossbody Bags or Paintings:

Crossbody Bags:

Kids and adults alike will enjoy making a crossbody bag. These are DIY kits.

  • These kits are unique, pretty and useful;
  • Perfect size to carry a wallet, credit cards, keys and a cell phone;
  • The kit has everything you need in it;
  • It comes with instructions and is very easy to do;
  • When you make it yourself and people compliment you, it means so much more.
  • Kids will be the envy of their friends.

Diamond Painting Puzzle Picture:

If you or your kids prefer, you can make a diamond painting puzzle picture and frame it. The designs are unique, colourful and will be perfect to hang up in any room you decide to put it in. It will brighten up your living room, bedroom, guest bathroom, kitchen etc.. You won’t be disappointed.

Rubber Stamping for Kids – Pictures, Greeting Cards for Special Occasions, Coasters or anything else:

What you and the kids can use:

  • Rubber stamp;
  • Special ink stamp pads can be found in craft stores such as Michael’s.
  • Use acrylic paint on a small paint brush;
  • Apply the paint to the design part of the stamp;
  • Use a straight up and down action when applying the paint;
  • Don’t apply too much paint to your stamp or it will smudge when applying it to your project;
  • Place the rubber stamp on the surface you are going to decorate;
  • ALWAYS PRACTISE ON A PIECE OF SPARE PAPER OR FABRIC FIRST before stamping a bag or t shirt, etc.;
  • Once you have got the technique right, proceed to use it on a project;
  • Use acryiic paint or ink that can be used on paper and/or fabric.
  • Kids will have lots of fun with this technique.

See this YouTube Video below on how to use a marker on a stamp instead of using ink or paint



Be creative and enjoy whatever project you and/or your kids choose to do!




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