Why Stencils Are a Must-Have

Craft Stencils

Stencils are a Must-Have

If you enjoy arts and crafts, you will certainly know all about stencils. They’re simple to use, practical, and add a whole new dimension of precision and fun to anything that you’re creating. Whether you’re looking to use them for home decor, a craft session with kids, or just to add some precision to whatever you’re creating, stencils have a way of making themselves helpful.

What Kind of Stencils are there?

Stencils have any possible use you could imagine. They are popularly used for painting arts and crafts. Otherwise, there are official wall stencils for intricate detailing and decorative aspects. You can find stencils in just about every category, too; From animal stencils to flower stencils to architectural aspects.

How Do you Use Stencils?

One of the best things about stencils is that proper use and method behind them is pretty much up to the user. They’re done in the same way and can be used on everything from furniture to fabric to paper. Here’s what you’ll want to know about stencil use, though, to help you get the best results possible out of your adventure:

  • Tape the stencil down firmly with “low-tack masking tape”: A stencil is only as good as its position on your fabric, wall, or paper. Remember to use low-tack masking tape so as not to cause damage to your fabric, walls, paper, etc. when you remove the tape. The more the stencil shifts as you pass over it with your paintbrush or pencil, the less accurate it’s going to be. This is especially so for your little ones who may need help.

  • Don’t go for intricate designs right away: If you’re new to stencilling, start simple. Large lines with clear gaps to help you understand how your paint or pencil is going to pass through the stencil. Don’t be afraid to practice, too, on paper or something else that’s disposable. You don’t want to have to re-do all of your hard work, after all, if you make a mistake on the real thing!

  • Think outside the box for use: Many people connect stencils to paper art. It’s true that they’re great for art projects and use in kids’ spaces. But think about using it for something like furniture personalization, too, or even stencilling designs on walls or fabric curtains. Again, unless you are experienced at stencilling, remember to practice first. Everything from road signs to trellis decorations are stencilled, after all, so there are plenty of uses for them in real life.
  • Dispel the stencil myth: Outside of a classroom, there is an assumption that stencils are only for “cheating” when you can’t draw or copy something authentically. However, many, many great artists use stencils religiously in order to create proper art. Just think about a tattoo artist, for instance. The best tattoo artists use stencils to create, and copy their work on their customers. Stencils are for artistic expression and professionalism, not “weakness” or “laziness”. Real is about precision blended with vision.

From kids art projects to signage in your corridor, to personalizing a set of curtains, stencils have no end of uses!


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