Colour Affects Your Mood

Colour Affects Your Mood: The people who create the kids craft kits and other items we have for sale in our online gift and craft store are all about elevating your mood with the things they invent. Interior designers, artists and people who craft have long known that colour can affect your feelings, emotions and your moods.

It’s interesting to note that the whole study of how colour affects your mood didn’t start with an artist. Rather, it was one of the most famous scientists of all time, Sir Isaac Newton, who found you could separate the different colours by sending a white light through a prism.

Mind and Emotions

Ever since that important moment, psychologists and other folks who are interested in how the mind and emotions work have been looking for the tie to colour. They were interested to know why some colours seem to have a subjective effect while others have a universal across-the-board effect on people.

For example, it’s generally a consensus that all colours in the red spectrum produce certain feelings. These include yellow, orange and red itself. People who study these matters have found that this range of colours evokes a feeling of comfort and warmth in some people while others feel hostile and angry when they are subjected to these hues.

Reliance on Colour

If you take a few minutes to go through our website you’ll see that we are a little different than most craft stores and a big part of that is a reliance on colour. We have a variety of handcrafted custom made products and kids craft kits that need to be either coloured and or painted. From the very beginning, we understood how our online gift and craft store and colour would work together.

Kids Craft Kits, Mind and Emotion

The more we looked into the relationship between colour and emotion, the more we saw there were clear lines to draw. For example, colours like green, purple and blue are generally considered cool colours. Some people find them soothing, while others report feelings of sadness or indifference when they are around them.

Common Colours

What makes all this research even more interesting is the history behind some common colours. For example, scientists tell us that black can absorb all the light from the colour spectrum. It is often used symbolically to reference evil and most people associate it with mourning and death.

In Feng Shui, black is associated with calm, mystery and a grounding effect on your emotions.

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