Early Christmas News We Found Online

Early Christmas

Early Christmas News: You might not have noticed (if you’re never online), but people are trying to sell you things early this Christmas season. What? You say? I’ve never heard of such a thing!

Humour aside, this season is starting to ramp up and there are also some interesting events going on.  Before we get into that, I noticed over the years that Christmas is the perfect season to create an atmosphere and ambience that’s warm and cozy for friends and family. That’s why I’ve put a series of Vintage Trichem pictures on the website. I think these are the perfect way to add a little holiday cheer to any gathering. I hope you agree.

That said, here are some interesting tidbits from around the world that I’ve been able to find as people get ready for December 25th. First off, if you ever read any of the classics like novels from Charles Dickens, you’ll see why I started my search for Christmas news across the pond.

There’s something romantic and historic about books like Great Expectations and the way the British get ready for the festive season.

Putting Up Lights

It seems they’re already putting up the lights at different locations. I was particularly taken with a shot from the famous Carnaby Street that includes lines from the 1970s supergroup Queen ahead of the movie release about their singer Freddie Mercury.

No discussion about Christmas decor and our enthusiasm for it is complete without mentioning our neighbours to the south. The Americans know how to do everything in a big way and that includes Christmas. I found this particular article very interesting since it was about a middle school that will be helping to decorate the Christmas tree near the White House in Washington.

Excellent Gifts

While we are on the subject, I’ve spent a little time polishing up my Basic Spirit jewelry category on the site. There are lots of unique and handcrafted pieces here that would make an excellent gift to tell someone special you’re thinking of them during the holidays.

I thought it would be fitting to stay with the UK for another piece of Christmas cheer. How could we possibly miss out on telling you what the Queen likes for Christmas? Still, once I scrolled down and started looking through the list I was a little surprised to find Wellington boots. No matter I suppose, it rains over there quite a bit and she seems like a practical person!




















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