DIY Bling Clothing


DIY Bling Clothing: Make your own “designer” clothing for the Holiday Season using clothing you already have in your closet, without breaking the bank. Choose a plain t-shirt or blouse you have in your closet that you haven’t worn in awhile.

Below are a few ideas. It is your choice as to how fancy you want to make your outfit look and how much spare time you have.

Do you have a party planned in a restaurant or at home or are you going to a friend’s party?

Maybe you are having a family get together for the holidays.

Whichever it is, you still want to look and feel your best.

You may want to help your child make herself something glitzy like a t-shirt or some DIY designer sneakers.

For Idea #1, you will require: Rhinestones / Gemstones

  • a plain black t-shirt or blouse for evening wear; or
  • any other plain coloured t-shirt or blouse for evening or day casual/smart wear
  • rhinestones or gemstones
  • glue or fabric mod podge
  • if you have some of the old Bedazzler rhinestones or studs with the claw, that would be good too
  • a couple of cotton earbuds (pharmacy) to use to put the glue on the back of the rhinestone
  • painter’s tape

If you have an afternoon free, you can make your outfit fancier.

If not, and you need something easy and fast, do not despair, you can still look like a million dollars. You can place rhinestones or gemstones around the collar of the T-Shirt, Blouse/Shirt and/or around the hem of the t-shirt, blouse/shirt. If you haven’t got the time or patience right now to do the hem as well, merely put rhinestones around the collar and wear a shiny belt. If you haven’t got a suitable belt, you could use a long thin shiny (Lurex) scarf as a belt and pin it with a sparkling brooch or put it through a spare belt buckle?


Use a tape measure or ruler to work out how much space to leave between rhinestones if you are going to space them out.

This is an interesting YouTube Video on the use of Rhinestones on lots of different projects.


For Idea #2, you will require: Buttons

  • a plain black shirt or blouse/shirt
  • buttons
  • glue or Mod Podge
  • painters tape to guide you
  • a white marker if you’re decorating a black shirt (not essential)
  • if sewing the buttons on, you will need:
    • a needle and thread
    • a small scissors

If you are using ordinary flat buttons and glueing them on, you can surround them with a few dots of

  • fabric glitter glue
  • or leave the buttons as is

You can use medium/large Gold or Silver buttons or pretty small/medium multi-coloured buttons. We all have a stash of buttons in a drawer. This is the time to use them. The buttons can but don’t have to all be the same colour or size.

Some buttons can be glued on with mod podge or another gem fabric glue. Others have to be or can be sewn on. Your choice.

Place the buttons around the collar of the t-shirt/blouse or put them at the top middle of the shirt going down. Space them out so they look good and there you have a different outfit which will only take you about an hour.

If you have a whole lot of buttons, you can arrange them in a V design on the t-shirt.


Arrange them on the t-shirt or blouse first before sewing or glueing them on and decide how you think they look best and how many to use and how much space to leave between each button.

See this YouTube Video Tutorial below for an interesting technique to use on T-Shirts for kids and adults for everyday wear.


For Idea #4: You will require: Fabric

  • a T-shirt or Blouse preferably with a round neck
  • an Alphabet Stencil with fairly thick lettering (or another design)
  • if you don’t have a suitable Alphabet Stencil or another Stencil Design, type, enlarge and print out your own letters or search on Google for “Free Printable Stencil Letters” such as Paris, London, Rome, etc. or another stencil design instead
  • pieces of Fabric you have lying around at home
  • a piece of blank paper
  • a marker to trace the alphabetic letters individually onto a piece of paper
  • a pair of sharp scissors to cut out the paper letters individually
  • a few pins to pin the paper alphabetic letters to the fabric
  • cut the fabric letters out individually
  • fabric glue or Mod Podge
  • rhinestones or gemstones if you want to glitz up the fabric or put a few around the letters. (Personal choice.)


Use some fabric you have left over at home or buy some remnants from the fabric store. You can get glitzy fabric remnants at most fabric stores if you want to. See that the fabric is washable. You want to get a lot of wear out of your designer clothing.

Of course, you will choose the fabric according to the occasion and an appropriate word or design, depending on whether it is an office party or merely a smart/casual party with friends and family.

For Your Kids

This is a step by step YouTube Tutorial for kids to make Fabric Letters.

How To Make Your Own Fabric Alphabet

For Idea #4: Alternatively to using Fabric for Idea #3: Paint

If you don’t have fabric don’t fret.


For Idea #4, Paint, you will need:

  • a t-shirt or blouse
  • a piece of cardboard to place on the inside of the shirt
  • cardboard should not stretch out the t-shirt or blouse. It should just fit so that the paint does not seep through to the back of the t-shirt or blouse
  • a piece of 400 grit sandpaper if you have one. It helps to keep the shirt from moving around while you are painting
  • an Alphabet Stencil with any lettering you choose
  • painter’s tape to hold the stencil in place
  • fabric paint:
    • Silver or Gold Metallic Paint would look good for evening wear
    • Colourful Metallic fabric paint; or
    • any other fabric paint you have can be decorated with gemstones to give it extra glitz
  • paint brushes
  • a glass of water to clean the brushes
  • paper towel to dry the brushes
  • wax paper to pour a little paint onto for easy access or to mix paint colours
  • rhinestones or gemstones (optional)
  • glue or Mod Podge to glue the rhinestones or gemstones onto your t-shirt or blouse, if necessary.


If decorating with gemstones, allow the paint to dry overnight and then continue with your decorating. You want the glue to stick.

For Idea #5: You will need the following: Denims

  • a plain pair of loose or tight-fitting jeans
  • studs or gemstones (clear or multi-coloured or both)
  • Gold, Silver or Multi-Coloured buttons
  • glue or Mod Podge to attach the studs, gemstones or buttons to both sides (legs) of the jeans preferably next to the seam
  • painter’s tape to help keep the bling in line. (Check to make sure you are putting the studs, gemstones or buttons in the right place so the designer bling can be seen by all)

Putting the “bling” as high as the knees of the jeans should be sufficient. It is for you to determine.

Plain jeans with added studs or rhinestones glued next to the side seams of the pants, about knee length, will give you a “designer” pair of jeans without the price tag. Easy and fast to make your plain denims look designer and everyone will think you paid hundreds for them.

If the jeans are wide at the bottom, feel free to put some bling around the hem as well.

You can put some “bling” on the pockets of your jeans if you tuck your t-shirts or blouses inside your jeans.


Complete the sides of the wide jeans first. It might be enough bling without doing the hem as well.

If not, go ahead and add some bling around the hem.

Before you glue the studs and gemstones onto the jeans, take a piece of paper or fabric and position the studs or gemstones to see what configuration you like best.

If you have a matching denim shirt, you may want to add a bit of bling to the shirt as well.


This is an interesting YouTube Tutorial on how to add Rhinestones to a Denim Jacket.

If you don’t have time for the above right now and need something smart to wear to a holiday party, put on a round neck blouse and a string of pearls real or glass. Otherwise, any pretty pendant or necklace and a matching pair of earrings will make a smart outfit.

When you have some spare time, relax and make yourself one or a few of the above.  You deserve to set aside some time to make yourself something special.

These are just ideas. Modify them according to your outfit and how they look best.

Have fun and Happy Holidays!

If you have any questions, contact us on our website and send me an email. I will do my best to assist.

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