Canvas Painting Ideas and Techniques for Kids and Adults

Ideas for Painting on Canvas

Canvas Painting Ideas for Kids – Unlock Your Kids’ Creative Side!

Spark Kids Creativity!  If you’ve been wondering how to spark creativity in your kids and get them excited about art, look no further than canvas painting ideas! Canvas painting projects are an easy and fun way to get your kids involved in art and help them express themselves. With a few basic supplies and a little bit of creativity, you can help your child unleash his/her inner artist with the following canvas painting ideas for kids. What are you waiting for?

Adults will have as much fun, if not more, creating their own canvases.

Let your kids choose their own paint colours and supplies. This will help them feel more involved and invested in the project. Compliment them on their creative artwork.
This will help keep them motivated and excited about their project. It will also keep them occupied while you have a relax or do whatever you want to do.

  • We have several YouTube video links included in this blog which will make whichever project you choose easier for you and the kids.

How to Decide on the Technique your Kids want to Use

Read the blog and choose the YouTube Videos you want to watch. It is now time to decide what technique you or your kids like best. Depending on your child’s age and skill level, there are a variety of easy painting ideas that they’ll love. There are also more advanced projects, that you and/or your older kids can tackle. Too many choices. How about starting with the Marker Canvas Painting set out below?  When you and your kids see how good it looks, it will spur you and the kids on to try other techniques.

Materials Required for Canvas Painting

Before getting started on the project your kids have chosen, it’s important to have the following basic supplies ready and additional supplies required for the specific technique you are using::

  • A Canvas
  • Paint brushes and sponge brush
  • Paints or Markers
  • Paint palette and/or wax paper to pour out a little paint as needed
  • A glass of water to clean the brushes
  • Mod Podge to seal the artwork after the paint dries (optional)

Suggestion: Cover the table with a plastic cloth and have a paper towel handy.

Painting a Canvas using Acrylic Paint or Markers

Acrylic paint is great way to get your kids involved in canvas painting. Acrylic paint is a great medium for creating a rainbow of bright and vivid colours. You can also use a variety of techniques, like blending to create interesting colour effects.




Try Abstract Canvas Painting and Marker Painting on Several Canvases – You will get a different design everytime

Create a colourful abstract painting. This is a great way to get your child’s creative juices flowing and help them explore different colours and shapes.

What you’ll need for the Abstract Marker Painting are the following supplies:

  • A Canvas
  •  A box of Sharpie coloured markers or any other similar markers
  • A bottle of rubbing Alcohol (available at the drugstore)
  • An eye dropper

Suggestion: Put a plastic tablecloth on the surface your kids are using to paint their canvases

Easy Method for you and your Kids:

  • Place your canvas on a paper towel on your crafts table
  • Take the markers out of the container so they are ready to use
  • Let your kids choose the colours they want to use

Remember to remind them that when certain colours are mixed, they may change colour. See below:

    • Blue and red will make purple.
    • Blue and yellow will make green
    • White and a tiny bit of red will make pink.
    • Yellow and red will make orange.

• Mixing any two or more colours will make another colour which can turn out better than you think

  • Use the different coloured markers to draw squares, circles or scribbles on the canvas
  • Make sure to cover all the white spaces
  • Use the eye dropper to squeeze some rubbing alcohol into it
  • Squeeze out and drop small amounts of rubbing alcohol all over the canvas
  • Sit and wait a few minutes
  • Watch as your canvas drawing changes and takes shape
  • If you need to, drop a few more drops of rubbing alcohol where needed and wait again
  • If you are happy with your creation, let the paint dry overnight
  • Apply some Mod Podge shiny sealer and cover the entire canvas gently using a sponge brush. (Preferable but optional)
  • The Mod Podge will appear white at first but once it is dry, the white colour will disappear and your canvas will look shiny and professional
  • The paint is now sealed in
  • Let the Mod Podge dry overnight
    • See the YouTube Videos below re: How to use Mod Podge to transfer photos and graphics to a canvas. Also how to transfer photos or graphics printed on an inkjet printer.

Your artwork is now ready to hang on the wall.

Paint a Colourful Tree

This tree is so colourful. Watch the entire YouTube Video. These techniques are easy and even if you and/or your kids have no experience and aren’t particularly artistic, you can paint them too. All you need are the following:

  • A Canvas
  • Acrylic paints
  • A paint brush or brushes
  • A marker to draw the tree on the Canvas
  • A paper towel
  • A glass of water to clean your brush or brushes (be sure to dry the paint brush after washing it and before dipping it into another colour)



Acrylic Mountains

The YouTube Video below called Acrylic Mountains is for beginner acrylic canvas painters. You will have to click on the link to see this YouTube Video.


Below is another fun YouTube Abstract Painting Technique for Kids.

Acrylics on Canvas




Bubble Wrap Double Dipper on Canvas Technique


The YouTube Video below is very good. Be patient and watch. Afterall, it is the end result which counts.

You will definitely want to try this technique.




Freehand Drawing or Tracing a Picture

If your child is a fan of drawing, he/she can also use paint markers on the canvas. All your child needs to do is draw his/her favourite characters or scenes on the canvas and then use the paint markers to colour them in. Otherwise, he/she can trace a picture from a colouring book. These are great ways to get your child’s creative juices flowing and also give him/her the confidence to create a unique piece of art. The artwork can be put up on a wall.

If your child is an animal lover, you can help him/her create a canvas painting of their favourite pet.
Do you have an animal picture colouring book at home?
If not, search for “Free Colouring pages for Kids” on Google. There are lots of free colouring pages of animals, etc. which can be painted or coloured in with crayons.

Once the picture is complete, it can be glued with Mod Podge, preferably matt glue, onto the canvas. Carefully cut the picture to size and have it ready to place on the canvas. Sponge the Mod Podge thinly over the entire Canvas with a sponge brush and then place the picture on the canvas board. Smooth any glue bubbles with an old credit card. Do this gently.


If you are new to this technique, it’s probably better to glue the unpainted picture to the canvas before painting or colouring in. After gluing the paper to the canvas, use an old credit card to smooth out any glue bubbles on the paper. Then let your child paint the picture.

Watch the YouTube Video below. It demonstrates how to use Mod Podge.

Below is a YouTube video which will demonstrate how to transfer Photos, Graphics, etc., using Mod Podge to a Canvas. This is a beginner Do It Yourself Project.


Mod Podge Using an Inkjet Printer

This YouTube Video shows you how to use Mod Podge to Transfer to a Canvas where the page has been printed on an inkjet printer and not a laser printer. There is a difference when transferring a picture  to Canvas.



Paint a Canvas using Stencils

If your child is new to canvas painting, there are plenty of easy canvas painting ideas that they can try. A simple way to get started is to use stencils. Choose a stencil design which is easy for your kids to outline a design of their choice and then they can either paint or colour in the artwork. When completed, it can be put up on the Wall for everyone to admire.

See the YouTube Video below.


Using a Sponge to paint a Canvas

If your child is more adventurous, you can also use a sponge roller or sea sponge to create a cool painting. This is a great way to introduce your child to the basics of painting, while also letting them have fun with it. All they need to do is dip a sponge in paint and dab it onto the canvas to create a unique piece of art. Watch the YouTube Video below. It appears to be an abstract painting sponged with a plain sponge which most of us have.

Basic Supplies you will need::

  •  A Canvas
  •  A Sponge roller smooth or with a design on it; or
  •  A Sea Sponge (sometimes available at the drugstore – call first) or
  •  A piece of wax paper to put the paint on if you use a sponge roller.
  • Acrylic Paint
  • A glass of Water or a Water Pot
  • A couple of paint brushes


The YouTube Video below is painted with a plain sponge. I think you and your kids will want to try this easy and colourful canvas technique.



How to Tape a Design on your Canvas

Another great idea is to use tape to create interesting patterns and shapes on the canvas. Use Painter’s tape. This is a great way to get your child’s creative juices flowing and help them explore lines and shapes. It is fun for adults and kids. This technique can be used for other projects too.


  • A Canvas
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Acrylic Paint
  • A glass of water
  • A pair of scissors

Below is a YouTube Video to help you with this technique. Use paint colours of your choice.


Collages on Canvas

Here is a YouTube video which shows you how to do Collages on Canvas. Lindsay Weirich is doing a Butterfly Collage. It is very pretty and easy to do.



Decoupage on Canvas

The YouTube video below shows you how to do some Decoupage on Canvas and other crafts.



We hope you and your kids will find a technique that you like and will have fun doing it!

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