Valentine’s Day Traditions From Far Off Lands – Love Is All You Need !

Valentine’s day is coming up again and as you might have already guessed, love knows no borders so there’s a celebration in every corner of the world on this special day. That said, here are a few of the traditions that other countries share on February 14th.


Not everyone has a fanciful notion of Valentine’s Day and the people in Slovenia are actually quite practical when February 14th rolls around. St. Valentine in that part of the world is known as the patron saint of the spring time and so it’s considered a good time to start working in the fields and vineyards.

Still that doesn’t mean these European cousins don’t have certain days to really celebrate love just like we do. In fact, March 12 is the day when most people in Slovenia celebrate each other and that emotion the Beatles once said was all you need.


The Welsh community has a different take on the Valentine’s Day that we celebrate in February and their version comes a little earlier on January 25. On this particular version of Valentine’s Day, the Welsh are fond of carving wooden spoons and handing them out to prospective mates. It’s a ritual that dates back to Welsh sailors who expressed their interest in young ladies by giving them these ornate utensils.


Of course, no discussion of St. Valentine’s Day is complete without touching base with the most romantic nation on earth. It seems there was an age-old practice at one time whereby men and women entered a structure and stood facing each other. Then the men called out names and paired off with the women and the unfortunate girls who were left started bonfires and cursed the men who had not selected them. It’s really no wonder that the practice, called “une loterie d’amour” was eventually banned by the French government because of how rowdy the festival got.

Of course, we’re a little less extreme here at The Craft Corner. However, you might want to take a look at some of our Valentine’s Day ideas.






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