The Canadian Art Scene

Canadian Art Scene

The Canadian Art Scene: Of course, we run a business for the purpose of making money to live well and be useful members of society, but there’s much more to what we do than that.  The Craft Corner centres its business around unique crafts and gifts and we are therefore very involved in the Canadian art scene. That said, we would like to pass along some of the upcoming and current events because we believe art enriches each and every one of our lives.

The 2017 Canadian Art Writing Prize

Whether you’re talking about our huge library of great writers from Alice Munro to Farley Mowat, or even the contemporary scribes that call Canada home like Martha Baillie, it’s important to understand that we can hold our own with any writers around the world.

That’s why this writing prize is so important to foster people who might be sitting in front of a computer or even with a pen and paper in hand wondering if they are ever going to make the grade.

Artistic expression

Of course not every event that’s noteworthy on the Canadian art scene is about a prize or competition. The recent Images Festival might be gone and over, but the wonderful spirit of artistic expression will continue on until next year’s event.

Of course that’s only scratching the surface of all the wonderful Canadian art and the endeavours that people are jumping into every day across our country.  It’s the same kind of emphasis on artistic expression that we are proud to be a part of and glad we can help foster.

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