Canada’s 150th Birthday Celebration

Canada's 150th birthday

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know by now that we are all celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. Because we are all proud of this wonderful country and society we live in, I thought I’d put together a few points which make interesting reading.

Did you know that if you’re looking for someplace to read interesting stories and accounts of your fellow Canadians and how they live their lives, there’s a Facebook page celebrating the 150th anniversary of our country?

Here’s another interesting tidbit you may or may not have heard about. As part of the promotion of this year’s anniversary of everything Canadian, the government is giving away free Parks Canada passes and permits. It’s an open invitation to get out and see what makes Canada a special place to live and some of the natural beauty that we are renowned for worldwide.

Canada’s 150th Birthday

Like us at The Craft Corner, there are many people dedicated to art across the land. However, we think we might have been outdone by the Winnipeg Art Gallery. They are putting together three twenty foot shipping containers as part of an artistic expression that will travel right across the country. Be sure to check out the website so that you can find out when these mobile art studios will be in a town or city near you.

It’s important that we celebrate our national identity together and we’re very proud that we can help do that in any artistic way possible. It seems that everyone is getting involved and there’s even been a new beetle discovered in New Brunswick that was named after Canada’s  150th birthday.

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