Where An African Elephant Stencil Comes From

African Elephant Stencil

Here is where an African Elephant stencil comes from.

African elephants are some of the most fascinating mammals found anywhere. They feel empathy and love, have long memories, and live 60 to 70 years. The African bush elephant is the largest animal on earth. It is found all through Sub-Saharan Africa. To see a skeleton of one of these massive animals is amazing.

Crafters who love African-inspired style can tell you what an elephant looks like and where they might live. However, they might not know much about elephant society. You’d be surprised to learn  the African elephant’s approach to life and family is not much different from ours.

The Family and Society behind an African elephant stencil

Bush elephants and forest elephants both have strong family bonds. In fact, ten or twelve elephant relatives live under the lead of a female elder and this matriarchal system is one of a kind. These older, loving females allow young elephants to grow in a safe, supportive, peaceful society. You can see that peace reflected in our African elephant stencil.

Maturation and Growth

Elephantsgestation period is a whopping two years. Youngsters are adopted by the whole society. Help comes from all mothers. They help the biological mother. African elephants mature at the same rate as humans. Females are most fertile between the ages of 25 and 45.

Crafting With Elephants

You might be a home-schooling mother teaching your children about African flora and fauna. Maybe you’re a high school biology student working on a project. How about an event planner organizing a savannah-themed kids’ party, or a veteran crafter with a love for animals? No matter, an African elephant stencil is a useful craft stencil to have in your crafting box. Kids and adults alike will have fun stenciling on walls, t-shirts, furniture, paper, picture frames, backpacks, pencil cases etc. with a reusable African elephant stencil.

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