Jewellery for Pets, and Questions for Seniors’ Residences

jewellery for pets

We carry jewellery for pets, but there’s lots more to having a furry friend than buying a nice pewter tag .

Having a dog or cat can improve your health as a senior. Unfortunately, seniors moving into residences often thought they had to leave their pets behind. A recent article in the LA Times dispels this myth. Along with a sense of companionship, a dog or cat can help a senior to get out and stay physically active.

An Animal at your Side

Having an animal at your side as you age can help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol too. It used to be that seniors who went into residences couldn’t always take their pets with them. Things have changed and now you should ask a few simple questions to find out which place is right for you and your best friend.

  • Finding out what kind of training your pet might require is first on the list. While they might look good wearing some of the fine jewelry for pets we supply, your dog or cat will need to be properly trained and not aggressive. It’s a good idea if they’ve been through an obedience course.
  • Find out about the senior residence’s health policy around pets. Most residences will want your cat or dog to have regular exams and may require proof of their current vaccinations.
  • Most seniors residences also want you to be able to look after the pet by yourself. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they offer any related services.

Jewellery for Pets to go with your New Lifestyle

The pet tags that we offer are lead free and handcrafted jewellery that comes from Nova Scotia Canada. If you’re looking to move into a seniors’ residence with your best friend, one of these can make you two the talk of your new community. Why not take the time to shop through our jewellery for pets section today?




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