Weird Christmas Stories You Won’t Forget.

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Christmas isn’t always about family gatherings, good food and presents, especially if you’re one of those creative types that likes to put pen to paper and draft short stories. While you’re huddling around the Big Screen television this year to watch A Christmas Carol, remember there are a whole host of great literary persons, both alive and deceased, who have written stories that tell of their own weird perspectives on these holidays.

The last century is a great starting point as we just mentioned a Dickens’ classic story and the first one on our list is by Leo Tolstoy, who wrote Papa Panov’s Special Christmas way back in eighteen ninety. This remarkable short story is about a shoemaker who is feeling down and out on Christmas until he has a dream about giving the best pair of leather shoes he’s ever made to the baby Jesus. Along the way he meets a mother and barefoot child and needs to make an interesting decision.

Closer to home, there’s at least one story by F. Scott Fitzgerald that fits the bill for memorable and weird Christmas tales. Like the name implies, “A Luckless Santa Claus” is about the pratfalls of a rich young man trying to give money away to prove his Christmas Spirit. What makes this story interesting beyond the subject matter is the fact that the famous author of The Great Gatsby wrote this one as a teenager.

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