The History of Giving Christmas Gifts

Everyone enjoys getting a special present at Christmas and beyond the traditional story behind Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh that most of us know, there’s a very interesting story behind the whole idea of giving a gift at this time.

It turns out there were other folks that worshiped different things long ago but they decided to celebrate their festival by giving gifts on the same day. In fact, ancient Rome had a Pagan festival long before Jesus was even born. Saturnalia was a time where Romans gave gifts in honor of Saturn – the god of agriculture, seed, and time. This holiday was even originally celebrated on December 25th.

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Remember that whatever you decide to give, there’s a long history of people doing the same. For example, there are records of people exchanging gifts around the middle of December that date all the way back to the fourth century and center around someone with a familiar name, St. Nicholas, a Christian Bishop.

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