Thought We’d Spin A (Ball Of) Yarn

Rainbow Beanie Knitting Kit

There’s something for everyone here at The Craft Corner and our painstakingly thorough inventory wouldn’t be complete without those items that can build your child’s sense of creativity and self-worth. That’s why we’d like to showcase our Kids Rainbow Knitting Kit by supplying you with an interesting quick overview of the history of knitting itself and why we chose this item to include as the perfect gift for kids from our great selection of Style Me Up Kits we have available here at The Craft Corner.

You might be looking for a scientific unravelling of the ball of yarn that’s the story behind knitting, but clear-cut answers as to the origins of this skill that’s still widely practiced today aren’t forthcoming although there are clues as to who and where the first needle and wool were matched.

The ancient pages of knitting’s history may forever stay a mystery since the very artifacts that could have told us about knitting’s past were made from natural fibers like cotton and wool that would decompose and take their secrets with them. Still, there are those undaunted historians that have traced what they are sure are the first historical artifacts to Egypt around 1000-1400 AD and these items include unmistakably knitted socks and other garments.

Many historians think the entire history of knitting owes itself to a technique called nålbinding that only uses one needle.

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