Good Tips For Safe Shopping At Any Online Craft Store

The Internet gives you the ability to shop for crafts online from the comfort of your own home, but there are still those people who are a little edgy about transferring sensitive information to any online craft store from their personal computers.  It’s only proper that you understand how to go through the process feeling safe and secure. That’s why I’ve put together some safety tips for you to follow.  Understanding these will help you to concentrate on what really matters like the wonderful cosmetic bags that we have in our inventory.

Go With The Sites You Know

safe shopping

Sticking with the websites that you know to be safe and secure is often just about staying with the ones that are familiar. Trusted sites are less likely to lead you astray and misspellings on any of the pages should make you wary of the place’s authenticity.

Look For The Padlock

You should only use your credit card to buy from websites that have  SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed and if you don’t understand what that jargon actually means, don’t worry you’re not alone. Looking for an icon of a locked padlock on their checkout payment page will tell you the online craft store you’re thinking of using is safe. Websites that use the PayPal payment system will redirect you to PayPal itself to make the payment and of course they have the most up to date security available. You’ve more than likely heard about this next red flag already but it bears repeating. You should never give your credit card information out through an email ever. We want you to have the best and safest experience when you’re trying to decide which Kids Craft Kits are best suited for the little ones on your list. Finally, you should be proactive when shopping online and check the balances on your credit cards and bank accounts regularly. SaveSave

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