Fostering Creativity With Kids Crafts

We carry a variety of kids crafts at The Craft Corner for good reason. Fostering a kid’s creative side is important and always has been. However, it seems craft kits and similar toys are taking a backseat to the kinds of toys that impair their creative thought. This is the message from Christine Carter, Ph.D, a sociologist and happiness expert at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center in an article highlighting this trend toward “prefab” toys that don’t encourage imagination. Ready made light-sabers from the big box stores have replaced broom handles with prepackaged narratives our tykes follow.

Beyond looking for the more challenging crafts and toys like our Designer Tracing Light Pad, there are a few other things Mom and Dad can do to cultivate a more creative atmosphere around the house.aft

  • Make sure they have a designated space to play. One area or an entire room makes for an inspiring creative space for your children. A corner of the basement is perfect for painting their very own Dragon T-shirt. A quiet Clown Fish Close Upcorner of the attic can get their creative juices flowing too.
  • Allow them to come up with their own ideas. The best way to make sure your children are putting together their own ideas is to stay out of the way. If they say the fish in our Clown Fish Pillowcase needs to be purple, parents should resist the temptation to evaluate those choices. Remember, the focus of creativity is on the process of coming up with ideas and there are generally no good or bad ones.
  • Help them to find new things exciting. Guiding your little ones into new areas of creativity is about helping them to see possibilities and not be afraid of things they haven’t tried before. Embracing new technologies like Facebook under your supervision makes them less overwhelming.

Kids Crafts are a great way to accomplish these goals and more. Remember to share your own failures with them so they don’t see anything negative in making mistakes.





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