Hand Painted T-Shirts for Adults and Kids

Rodeo Adult T Shirt

Regardless of whether you’re looking at purchasing the patriotic Canadian Beaver design or have an all encompassing approach and are more favourable to the Protect Our Creatures version, you can rest assured each and every one of the kids t-shirts you select from our exciting inventory here at our Craft Store The Craft Corner has its own Hand Painted unique Trichem or Artburn Design that is painted with either Trichem or Artburn paints which are water based and non toxic.

I use a variety of Tri-Chem paints because, as an instructor for this particular product the last 24 years, I’m comfortable with the one-of-a-kind designs these paints foster as well as their ability to stay looking great for years. It doesn’t matter whether I choose Softly Flo, Colorlites, Stencil-On, Spark-L-On or Jewel Jems Trichem Paints, all of which come in a variety of colors, the Hand Painted T-Shirts help me to create exciting designs for Adults and also to bring a lasting smile to both the children who receive them and the adults who have the pleasure of giving them.

You can add to your child’s enjoyment and foster the fledgling artist by choosing from our colourful Artburn T-Shirt Painting kits where your youngsters can paint the shirts themselves, wear the completed piece of art and show it to their friends and family. Because it’s important to foster their artistic and green sensibilities together, our Artburn T-Shirt Painting kits come in 100% biodegradable clear plastic packages so you’ll be teaching the value of self expression and saving the planet at the same time.

Here at The Craft Corner, we pride ourselves on being the online craft store with something for everyone interested in giving a special gift including a variety of unique hand painted items that will last for years. Why not take a few moments to look at some of the other wonderful gifts we have for sale including Hand Painted Oyster Shell and Ceramic Bisque Jewellery, pillowcases and denim and linen cosmetic bags?

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