Artburn T- Shirt Painting Kits to Foster Their Artistic Side

Dragon T-Shirt Painting Kit

Being an artist myself means I understand the importance of creative expression and fostering it at an early age in your children. That’s one of the reasons my online craft store offers Artburn T-shirt painting kits for the younger set. They’ll love to wear the Hand Painted T-Shirts I’ve painted beforehand, but beam with pride when they slip on the ones they’ve painted themselves.

These T-Shirt Kits come in a variety of fun and interesting templates like the Dragon T-Shirt Painting Kit. It’s important there’s excitement for the kids but no fuss and bother for the parents with any of these products so these kits all come with easy to read instructions that can be found right inside the bio degradable packaging.

And because we have an unwavering dedication to quality here at The Craft Corner, this selection of Artburn t-shirt painting kits include a white 100% cotton t-shirt and non-toxic, water based fabric paints that are durable, safe and eco friendly.

Why not look over the wide variety we have to choose from like the Flower Power T-Shirt Painting Kit or even the Train T-Shirt for a little aspiring engineer?


Flower-Power T-Shirt Painting KitChoo Choo Train T-Shirt Kit


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