My Hand Painted T-Shirts and Painting Kits are Patriotic and Fun for Kids at the Same Time

Canadian Moose Kids T-Shirt Painting Kit

When I first decided to put together a section of The Craft Corner for a variety of hand painted t-shirts and painting kits, there were several things going through my mind. At the top of the mental list was doing my part as an artist to be sure I was helping to foster the creative side of children. Still, after I included a few of the offerings like the Bug T-Shirt Painting Kit, I thought it might be interesting and responsible to add some patriotic themed Artburn kits to the mix.

Bugs T-Shirt

That’s when I got the idea for the Beaver and Moose pillowcase painting kits offerings. Being a proud Canadian is just as much a part of my makeup as any and all of the unique pieces that I produce. That said, I’d like to conclude this post by telling you about some of the other reasons why I feel very strongly we should all shop for the goods and services that are made right here at home.

First off, and perhaps most importantly, no one can deny supporting our local economies is the best move. During these times when almost every economy is looking to pull themselves back up to a level of prosperity, it’s always been one of my strongest convictions that we should all be doing our part to keep the True North strong and free.

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