Some Compelling Reasons Why Hand Painted Jewellery is Better than its Mass Produced Cousin

Tropical Sunset Pendant

Sometimes, it’s better when you buy something that has had all the kinks worked out by being mass produced because you want to be sure you’re getting the best quality. Lots of consumer goods like electronics and such need to go through a few cycles before they reach their potential but, of course, that’s not the way you shop for a hand painted pendant when you are looking to make a unique statement for yourself or as a gift for someone close to you.

When you take a moment to think about it, there are some excellent reasons why everyone should choose hand painted earrings over the mass produced variety.

1. Hand painted earrings are unique and isn’t that what everyone really wants when it comes to any accessory? In particular, when you buy earrings from The Craft Corner, you can rest assured you’ll never go to a dinner party or other event to find someone wearing the same design. Everything hand painted that’s produced here is done once and only once. Buying hand painted pendants and earrings from The Craft Corner means you’re getting a piece that will never be reproduced again.

2. Our hand painted pendant collection demonstrates an extra push for excellence. Dots Without Dashes represents the fine craftsmanship I strive for in the pendants I create and the Varnish-It glaze gives the pendant a lovely shine you’d be hard pressed to find in a mass produced one.

Why not take a few moments to look over the hand painted jewellery that The Craft Corner has on hand to see the difference my approach makes?

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