Cardboard Gift Boxes – DIY Decorating Ideas

Round and Square Gift Boxes

Gift-giving becomes even more special when the packaging is as thoughtful and creative as the gift itself. Round and square cardboard gift boxes provide the perfect project for expressing your artistic flair. In this blog, we’ll explore various DIY decorating ideas that will turn your round and square cardboard gift boxes into cherished keepsakes for special occasions. From vibrant paints to glitzy embellishments, let’s dive into the world of personalized and unique gift box decoration.

Painting and Glitz

  • Start by choosing a colour scheme that complements the occasion. Bold hues for birthdays, or metallics for anniversaries can set the tone. For Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, paint the gift box with mom and dad’s favourite colours. How about a round gift box painted with a pretty pink colour for Mom and a square gift box painted with a pretty blue colour for Dad. You can sponge the paint onto the box to give it a more textured look if you like.
  • Use acrylic paints to coat the boxes, allowing for creativity in patterns and designs. Stripes, polka dots, or even ombre effects can add a touch of uniqueness. Make sure that the coat of paint is dry before adding your patterns and designs. Don’t forget to use a sealer like Mod Podge to finish off your craft project.
  • Amp up the glam with glitzy elements such as glitter or metallic foils. Apply these selectively for a dazzling finish that catches the eye.

Collage and Decoupage

  • Collect meaningful images, quotes, or themed paper to create a personalized collage. This could include photos of the recipient, memorable quotes, or thematic illustrations. Sometimes a perfect image will catch your eye while reading a magazine.
  • Get your collage pieces ready. Apply a layer of decoupage glue such as Mod Podge or another suitable glue to the box and carefully arrange your collage elements. Seal the design with Mod Podge Sealer or another suitable sealer for a polished look.
  • The decoupage technique allows for endless customization, making each box a one-of-a-kind creation. You can use some pretty napkins.
  • Take a look at our blogs for Collage and Decoupage ideas and YouTube Videos with ideas and instructions.

Buttons. Stickers and Stencils

  • Add texture and dimension with buttons of various shapes and sizes. Arrange them in patterns or use them to create unique shapes, like flowers or stars.
  • Take a look at our button blog for ideas and instructive YouTube Videos.
  • Stickers can be an easy and fun way to decorate. Choose stickers that match the theme or occasion, whether it’s floral for spring or festive for the holidays.
  • Stencils are easy and fun to use. Paint the box with a background colour. Use Acrylic or Chalk paint. Let it dry properly before decorating with a stencil. Take a look at our Blog on Stencilling and the YouTube ideas.

Ribbons and Bows

  • Enhance the elegance of your gift boxes with carefully selected ribbons and bows. Satin or organza ribbons can bring a touch of sophistication.
  • Experiment with different bow styles – classic bows, loopy bows, or even handmade fabric flowers. These details can turn a simple box into a beautifully wrapped masterpiece.

Themed Fillings

  • Tailor the contents of your gift box to match the occasion. For example, fill a box with homemade baked goods for birthdays or holidays.
  • For jewellery gifts, consider adding a small fabric pouch or velvet lining to protect and showcase the precious items.

Personalized Tags and Labels

  • Craft personalized tags or labels to add the final touch. Include a heartfelt message, the recipient’s name, or a special date.
  • Experiment with different fonts and paper shapes to create tags that complement the overall aesthetic of your decorated box.

YouTube Videos with ideas:





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With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of love, you can transform simple papier mache cardboard gift boxes into exquisite creations that reflect the thoughtfulness behind your gift. Whether it’s for birthdays, weddings, or any special occasion, these DIY decorating ideas will make your gifts truly unforgettable. Let your imagination run wild, and enjoy the process of turning ordinary boxes into extraordinary expressions of care and creativity.

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