5 Technology Inventions That Could Turn the World Upside Down

5 Technology Inventions

5 Technology Inventions: Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that technology is shaping modern life. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality, technology is changing the way we do things and relate to each other.

That said, we did a little research and put together five technology inventions that could turn the world upside down.


Although this might not be for everyone who’s seen those old sci-fi movies like Westworld and The Stepford wives, there’s no getting around the fact that artificial intelligence is in your home. Meet Jibo, your artificial intelligence robot that can interact with up to 16 different people.

You can ask him questions about the forecast for the weather, your flight status and a host of other things that you need to know. Best of all, Jibo has constant software updates so he’s always evolving and learning.

Pro Hijab

Nike came up with this athletic Hijab, so female Muslim athletes will be able to participate at the highest levels. In a recent press release, the company said that they released the breathable garment so that Muslim women would have more chances to participate in the cultural shift going on around the world.

Credit Card Sized Computer

Everything in technology keeps getting smaller and faster all the time, so we probably should have seen this coming. Intel came out with the credit card sized computer last January. This one has all the features of a full-sized laptop but fits right into your pocket.

Artificial Skin

There’s really no getting around the fact that if you blink you’ll miss something in technology. Not everything that came out last year was cool. In fact, some of it was creepy until you realized what it was really all about.

We had to put rubber sensors and electronics that were able to stretch and were called artificial skin in that category until we found out it was for robots. What gave us a little jolt at first was the fact that these rubber sensors could also give a sense of touch to other electronic devices. Hands up all of you who think it might be a little weird to have your smart phone tell you it’s hot in your pocket.

Windows That Double as Solar Panels

Last year was also the year a bank in Denmark got fitted with completely transparent windows that acted as solar panels. The idea is to make it a residential product eventually that homeowners can enjoy.

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